House Calls

There are many situations in which bringing your animal companion to the vet simply isn’t possible. Perhaps your pet is too sick to make the trip, or maybe your companion experiences such intense vet visit anxiety that bringing them in is just too stressful for you both. Or, maybe you have so many pets that scheduling and managing multiple appointments is too much to handle. Or, maybe it’s just that you’re just too busy with everything else that’s going on in your life, between work, kids and endless activities. Whatever the reason, at Animal Care Clinic, we believe your companion deserves the same quality care as all of our other patients. That’s why we offer house calls as part of our comprehensive health care services.

Our clients and their pets benefit from house call services in a variety of ways. Pet owners can enjoy the convenience and time savings of not having to transport their companions from their homes to the veterinary clinic while pets get the benefit of receiving high quality, one on one veterinary care in the place where they feel most at ease – in the comfort of their own home. Our doctors are able to perform many of the main services offered to patients within the clinic via house call, including wellness exams, vaccinations, routine diagnostics and sick calls. If you can’t bring your pet to us, we’ll bring our care right to you!

Call us today to find out if you and your pet could benefit from our house call service!


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