Our Veterinarians

Dr. Butch Schroyer
Owner, Veterinarian
Growing up, Butch Schroyer was often found in the creek, lake, woods, or fields around his family home. If a creature didn’t run, crawl, slither, fly, swim, or scurry fast enough it would come home with him! By the time he was a junior in high school, Butch knew he wanted to become a veterinarian.

Dr. Schroyer completed his undergraduate work at the University of Kentucky before getting his DVM from the Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine. After working at several practices in Kentucky, Dr. Schroyer and his wife opened their first animal hospital in 1981. In 1983, he opened another hospital in Lexington, which would eventually become the Animal Care Clinic!

As a veterinarian, Butch particularly enjoys reproductive medicine and preventative health care. He loves adding to a pet’s time and quality of life.

Dr. Schroyer lives with his wife, Charlsey. They have a son, Avery, who is married and about to graduate with his doctorate in Physical Therapy. They have a several pets as well: Gus, a Yorkie; Amarula, a South African Mastiff; Mazzi, a Doberman Pinscher; Emmet, a yellow tabby cat who lives indoors; Tweety, a blue and gold macaw; and JoJo, a yellow naped Amazon parrot.

Butch has recently gotten back into playing the saxophone and has begun playing in a local concert band. He also enjoys fishing and biking in his spare time.
Dr. Amanda Cvengros
Dr. Amanda Cvengros’ mother knew that her daughter would become a veterinarian when she was only eight years old. It was then that young Dr. Cvengros brought home an injured squirrel in order to save its life. Her passion hasn’t quit—Dr. Cvengros has dedicated herself to bettering the lives of those who don’t always have a voice of their own! She helps people and their pets daily as a member of the veterinary team here at Animal Care Clinic.

Dr. Cvengros grew up in Lexington and attended the University of Kentucky for her undergraduate degree while staying active on the school’s dance team for four rewarding years. After graduating, she headed to Auburn, Alabama to attend Tuskegee University’s College of Veterinary Medicine, working here at Animal Care Clinic as a veterinary student when she wasn’t at school. Upon graduating as a licensed veterinarian in the spring of 2020, Dr. Cvengros returned home to launch her career in private practice and soon signed on as a full-time member of the hospital team.

As a vet, Dr. Cvengros enjoys diagnostic work and loves to put the puzzle pieces together in order to determine what’s ailing a patient. She’s also fond of preventative care, internal medicine, and endocrinology. Most of all, she likes meeting pet owners and their adorable companions one-on-one and knowing that she’s able to make a real difference in their lives!

In her time away from work, Dr. Cvengros enjoys cheering on the University of Kentucky’s football and basketball teams, reading good books, spending time with her fiancé (she’ll be getting married in the near future!) and taking her dogs on hikes. She has two sassy canine companions at home, Iyla Grace and Sadie May.

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