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Marcie Sewell

Practice Manager

When Marcie needed a job after high school and signed up to be a dog-washer, she had no idea the lasting impact it would have on her life. She hasn’t stopped working with animals since! Now, Marcie has enjoyed a nearly 30-year career in veterinary medicine and is thrilled to continue serving as an advocate for pets as Animal Care Clinic’s Practice Manager.

Originally from Versailles, Kentucky, Marcie started in the veterinary field just out of high school and continued to serve pets while attending college at the University of Kentucky. She worked her way through the ranks, helping pets as a receptionist, Veterinary Technician, laboratory assistant, and even a pharmacy purchaser, before joining the Animal Care Clinic family. Her favorite part of the job is the team she works with—for her, nothing beats caring for pets alongside a group of animal-lovers just like herself!

Marcie has a son and a daughter, and also share their lives with three dogs—Chuck the Labrador Retriever, a Boxer mix named Ginger, and a terrier mix who goes by Bailey—and a crazy cat named Oliver. As a family, they love to spend time at the river or lake and go swimming, camping, and fishing in the great outdoors.

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Amanda Spencer

Marketing Director

Amanda was very young when she first took notice to the strong bonds she shared with pets. She’s wanted to improve their lives in whatever way she could for as long as she can remember! Amanda believes that every animal has a purpose—she’s always wanted to give something back, and gets to do just that as a member of the Animal Care Clinic team.

Amanda was raised on a small farm, then moved to Versailles, Kentucky, with her family at the age of eight. After high school, she relocated to Colorado and worked in the customer service industry. Several years later, Amanda decided it was time to come back to Kentucky to be closer to family—that’s when she signed on at the Woodford Humane Society, where she would work in animal welfare for the next 10 years.

Amanda recently joined the Animal Care Clinic family to experience the medical side of the animal-care world, and couldn’t be happier to expand her skillset and soak up knowledge from her fellow team members. She’s found that she especially likes the fast-paced clinic environment!

Away from work, Amanda likes spending time with her husband, going on long drives through the country, catching up on her favorite television shows, and enjoying the company of her pets. She and her husband, Steven, share their lives with several animal companions. They have five dogs—Boo Boo, who loves bossing her larger canine companions around; a Boxer/pit bull mix named Spencer who can win any kissing contest, Clyde Eastwood, who spends most of his time patrolling the house, Lucy a pit bull mix that is a free spirit that loves all of her sibling and most recently she acquired Butkus aka “Little B” who was born with a cleft palate and has beaten all odds on life—as well as three turtles, and ten hermit crabs.

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Alla Derkach

Client Relations

Alla has always had a knack for customer service, and believes that helping animals is just as important as helping people. Being the friendly and welcoming face for Animal Care Clinic is the perfect way for her to utilize her compassionate nature while bettering the lives of pets!

A native of Ukraine, Alla worked in the human healthcare field before entering the veterinary industry. She joined the Animal Care Clinic family in May of 2015 and couldn’t be happier. Alla particularly enjoys interacting with clients and their pets, fixing scheduling problems, and staying on her toes in the fast-paced front desk environment.

In her time away from the clinic, Alla likes traveling and cooking. Her large family—she has six younger siblings—provides the perfect opportunity for her to hone her cooking skills. Once, Alla hosted her family’s large annual holiday party and managed to make a meal for 45 people!

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Heather Mullins

Veterinary Technician

Heather was taught to appreciate the earth’s creatures very early on in life, and always knew that she would love a career that allowed her to work directly with animals. As a veterinary professional, she gets to go home at the end of the day knowing that she’s made a real difference! Heather is happy to care for the pets of her hometown as a member of the Animal Care Clinic team.

Heather was born in Longmont, Colorado but moved here to Lexington when she was young. Her veterinary journey started at a feline-only practice when she was only 18 years old. After moving to Georgia, Heather happened to meet a local veterinarian through a mutual acquaintance, and ended up securing a job at the veterinarian’s 24-hour practice. A few years later, she relocated to Indiana and took a job at another high-volume clinic, where her veterinary skills were developed even further.

In June of 2016, Heather moved back home to Kentucky and joined the Animal Care Clinic family that July. Around the hospital, she’s fond of performing dental cleanings, monitoring pets under anesthesia, and watching the doctors perform surgical procedures. Most of all, Heather enjoys building relationships with clients and their beloved pets on a daily basis.

Aside from her interests in the animal-care world, Heather likes rock-climbing, hiking, fishing, kayaking, wading, and playing golf. She lives with two rescued pit bulls, Cecelia and Marty McFly; a rottweiler mix named Molly; Emi the vocal tuxedo cat; and a beautiful blue and yellow Betta fish named Mac.

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Veterinary Technician

Jenna has adored animals ever since she was a little girl, and would always attempt to bring home strays to help them find loving forever homes. Watching Steve Irwin on Animal Planet only inspired her further—she knew that she would love to help pets daily as a veterinary professional! Jenna is proud to do just that as a member of the Animal Care Clinic family.

Jenna was raised on a farm in Portsmouth, Ohio, and attended veterinary school online before securing a position at a hospital in Georgia. She joined the team here at Animal Care Clinic shortly after moving to the area, and now serves the pets and animal owners of Lexington as one of the hospital’s Veterinary Technicians.

When she isn’t tending to the pets of the area here at the clinic, Jenna can be found curled up with a good book or enjoying the company of her sweet dog Zoey.

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Veterinary Technician

Amanda was born and raised right here in Lexington, where she constantly took in strays and injured wildlife during her childhood and rehabilitated them with the help of her parents and the local veterinarian. The older she got, the stronger her passion became. Amanda knew that she was destined for a career in animal care!

Amanda launched her journey in pet care by studying in Eastern Kentucky University’s criminal justice program to become an Animal Care and Control Officer. She began working for the Lexington Humane Society after her collegiate career, then transitioned to Lexington-Fayette Animal Care and Control. Next, Amanda decided to dive into the veterinary side of animal care—that’s when she enrolled at Penn Foster College to study veterinary technology. Now, she’s a Veterinary Technician!

Amanda became a member of the Animal Care Clinic family in November of 2017. She especially likes meeting a wide variety of pet personalities every day, and she loves to soak up all the knowledge she can from the hospital’s doctors. Most of all, Amanda loves to talk with the area’s pet owners and hear fun stories about her animal patients.

When she isn’t making pets feel better here at the clinic, Amanda can be found hiking, walking her dog, fostering kittens during kitten season, traveling, or catching up on Game of Thrones. She shares her home with Ghost, an American Bulldog/American Pit Bull mix; a pair of rabbits; and a turtle named Jack.

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Veterinary Technician LVT

Jackie has been drawn to animals—especially horses—since she was only three years old. She can’t remember a time when she didn’t want to do everything in her power to keep pets happy and healthy! That’s what inspired Jackie to study veterinary technology and help animals as a Veterinary Technician.

Jackie is originally from Long Island, New York and was still in high school when she enrolled in an animal science technical program. She then attended the State University of New York-Delhi to study veterinary technology, becoming a Licensed Veterinary Technician shortly afterward, before continuing on to an equine rehabilitation program at Morrisville State College. Jackie moved to Kentucky to complete her internship, then signed on at a local equine facility before transitioning back into small-animal medicine. That’s when she joined the team here at Animal Care Clinic!

When time permits away from work, Jackie likes riding horses, listening to music, reading, studying history—she’s been participating in Civil War reenactments since she was a young girl!—and spending time with her boyfriend, sister, and pets. Jackie has a young Labrador/Shepherd mix who has only three legs and loves to make friends with everyone, and she also lives with her sister’s cat, Emilee.

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Veterinary Assistant

Ever since her earliest days, Debbie has enjoyed taking care of others. Working in a veterinary clinic allows her to help both people and pets live happier, healthier lives. It’s the perfect fit for Debbie! She’s a proud member of Animal Care Clinic’s Veterinary Assistant team.

A native of Versailles, Kentucky, Debbie worked for the state government for several years until retiring to take care of her aging parents. She had always told others that after she retired, she wanted to work in a veterinary clinic—having been a client of Dr. Schroyer’s for many years, Debbie jumped at the chance to be a part of the hospital family! She was thrilled to become a Veterinary Assistant here at the clinic in the fall of 2017.

Aside from her interests in the world of animal care, Debbie enjoys cheering on the University of Kentucky Wildcats football and basketball teams, gardening, relaxing in the great outdoors, and taking her dogs for long walks. She lives with three canine companions: Chase, an aging beagle who was named for his habit of escaping the house and chasing rabbits in the yard; a feisty mixed-breed named Elli Sue; and an energetic Brittany Spaniel who goes by Bowdie.

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Veterinary Assistant

Allie grew up on a farm, an experience that provided her the opportunity to learn everything she possibly could about animal care from an early age. By the time she was 12 years old, she knew how to bottle-feed calves, raise chicks, train her dog in basic obedience, and tend to each and every critter that crossed her path. For Allie, there was never another choice––working in the world of veterinary medicine just made perfect sense!

A native of Versailles, Kentucky, Allie developed her animal-care skills as a member of the Future Farmers of America organization during her high-school years, then started working with a Miniature Golden Retriever breeder immediately after graduation. Next, she became an Animal Care Provider with the local Humane Society, deepening her passion for hands-on veterinary care.

Allie decided to jump headfirst into veterinary medicine by joining the team here at Animal Care Clinic in March of 2018. She serves as a Veterinary Assistant, and especially likes meeting new pets and their owners in the examination rooms and helping out with surgical procedures. Allie also loves the way the clinic’s fast-paced environment keeps her on her toes; there is truly never a dull moment!

Most of Allie’s interests outside of work involve animals as well. When she isn’t spending time with her fiance, Billy, she loves riding horses and raising cattle with her family, and also enjoys doting on her own wonderful pets at home. Allie shares her life with Raven, a goofy Rottweiler puppy who is still learning to walk on all fours; a shy but highly intelligent Husky mix named Kodiak; and Butters the quirky cat.

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Veterinary Assistant

Hailey adored animals ever since she was a little girl, but focused on a number of other career paths by the time she entered her college years. It didn’t take long for her to realize that she had never done what her heart had been set on since childhood: help pets as a member of the veterinary profession. Hailey hasn’t looked back since—now, she gets to better the lives of pets and animal owners daily as a member of the Animal Care Clinic family!

Hailey is originally from Louisiana but moved with her family to Kentucky after Hurricane Katrina. She attended a program to study Veterinary Technology, and has been an animal-care professional ever since! Hailey joined the Animal Care Clinic team in February of 2018, and loves to soak up knowledge from her coworkers whenever she can. She’s found that she’s particularly fond of assisting in the surgical ward, but her favorite part of the job is getting to meet a variety of animal personalities every single day.

Away from work, Hailey loves to stay active by playing in local volleyball leagues, hiking, working out at the gym, and walking her dogs. She and her husband, Cody, share their lives with five pets: a pair of German Shepherds named Titus and Khaleesi, Mia the Husky, and two loveable cats named Ghost and Nymeria.

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A Lexington native, Teresa was a client here at the hospital long before she became an employee. When the opportunity arose for her to join the very team that had given her own animal companions health and happiness over the years, she jumped at the chance! Teresa is proud to now serve the area’s pets and animal parents as one of Animal Care Clinic’s front-desk receptionists.

Teresa spent 31 years in the banking industry before retiring in 2015. It wasn’t long before she decided to put her skills back to use and rejoin the workforce. One day while picking up dog food here at the hospital, Teresa heard that the clinic was looking for a receptionist. The rest is history! She’s been a member of the hospital family since September of 2016.

At home, Teresa and her husband, Charlie, live with two dogs: Tyla is the diva of the household, while Tigger refuses to go to bed until everyone else is properly tucked in. When she isn’t caring for pets here at the clinic or tending to her own dogs at home, Teresa likes spending time with her nieces and nephews, crocheting, and researching her family genealogy.

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Jaimee grew up in Carlisle, Kentucky, where she was always bringing home stray animals and nursing them back to health. Even at a young age, she realized the important and invaluable connection that humans and animals have—we need them as much as they need us! Jaimee is thrilled to continue her veterinary journey as a member of the Animal Care Clinic team.

Jaimee first began working as a Veterinary Assistant at another nearby animal hospital, then joined the Animal Care Clinic family in late 2017. She serves as one of the clinic’s front-desk receptionists, and loves to make a personal connection with each and every visitor to come through the hospital doors.

Away from work, Jaimee enjoys relaxing with a good movie, shopping, traveling, and doting on her own pets at home. She shares her life with a rescued cat, Tux, and a dog named Bandit.

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Lyssa Neeley


Lyssa has been an animal-lover all her life. For her, helping pets to look and feel their best is more than a job—it’s a calling! She’s proud to serve the pets and animal owners of Lexington as one of Animal Care Clinic’s resident groomers.

Lyssa is originally from a small town in Indiana; it was there that she was offered a job as a dog bather by her aunt, who worked in a grooming salon herself. It didn’t take long for Lyssa to know that she was hooked—she hasn’t looked back since! She moved to this area to study at Nash Academy and become a certified pet groomer, and joined the Animal Care Clinic family shortly after graduating.

Lyssa lives in Lexington with her boyfriend and her own energetic and treat-obsessed dog, Willow. In her free time, she loves taking Willow to the park and relaxing at home with her family.

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Originally from Green Bay, Wisconsin, Katie moved to Versailles with her family at the age of 10. She’s been surrounded by household pets ever since she can remember—for her, being able to give something back is a dream come true! Katie is proud to serve as one of Animal Care Clinic’s grooming professionals.

Katie began her animal-care journey at a local pet store, where she became friends with the resident groomer and started soaking up all the knowledge that she could. It wasn’t long before she decided that grooming was the perfect path for her! Katie was happy to join the Animal Care Clinic family in October of 2017—one of her favorite parts of the job is comparing the before-and-after once she’s cleaned up a dog, and she also loves to help anxious patients feel more comfortable and get used to the grooming process.

Outside of her interests in the veterinary world, Katie enjoys playing soccer, cheering on her Green Bay Packers during football season, and spending time with her family and pets at home. She has two cats—timid but cuddle-loving Alice and the much more rambunctious Maddie—as well as a pet mouse.

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Anna Hughes

Student Assistant

Anna grew up on a thoroughbred farm just outside of Lexington, where animals were a part of life from day one—her mother manages the farm, and her father works as an equine veterinarian. As she grew older, Anna began to realize that animals needed her just as much as she needed them! Now, she’s living her dream as an Assistant here at Animal Care Clinic while she studies veterinary medicine in college.

Anna is an undergraduate student at the University of Kentucky and hopes to become a veterinarian herself in the future. She joined the Animal Care Clinic family in the summer of 2015, and particularly likes assisting with surgeries and learning about the various medications used to solve pets’ ailments.

When time permits between her busy school and work schedules, Anna likes cooking, hiking in the great outdoors, and spending time with her own family pets. Fynn is a grouchy husky mix who always demands to get her way; Goose is a large Shepherd/Mastiff mix who thinks he is a lap dog; and Milo is the farm dog and enjoys running around excitedly all day. The four-legged portion of the family is rounded out by a pair of barn cats and Hootie, a recently-acquired hedgehog who is extremely cute when he gets mad.

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Student Assistant

Emily grew up on a horse farm south of Louisville, so she’s been surrounded by all manner of animals from her earliest days. She couldn’t help but develop a deep-rooted passion for the earth’s creatures—what better way for her to give something back than by working in a veterinary hospital? Emily is one of Animal Care Clinic’s Student Assistants!

Emily is an agricultural education major at the University of Kentucky, and is thrilled to supplement her studies with real-world experience here at the clinic. She joined the hospital family in October of 2017, and continues to learn something new on a daily basis. Emily finds that she especially likes observing and helping with surgeries, and she also enjoys the hands-on nursing visits she gets to perform in the exam rooms.

When she isn’t studying for school or tending to pets here at the clinic, Emily likes riding horses and spending quality time with family and friends. At home, she has three loveable pets: Waylon, an energetic Pug; a sweet German Shepherd who goes by Rayne; and a beautiful Quarter Horse named Bella who was trained by Emily herself.

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Student Assistant

Sabrina has owned pets all her life, and even fostered dogs during high school. For her, getting to give something back to the animals who have offered her so much over the years is a dream come true! She’s proud to help the pets of Lexington as one of Animal Care Clinic’s Student Assistants.

Sabrina grew up in Canton, Ohio and relocated to this area to attend school at the University of Kentucky. Here at the clinic, she loves learning new things on a daily basis and assisting the Veterinary Technicians and doctors in surgery and dentistry work. Sabrina’s favorite part of her job is knowing that she’s able to make a real difference in the lives of the area’s pets and animal owners!

When she has time between her busy school schedule and her shifts here at the hospital, Sabrina likes dog-sitting service puppies in training, cooking, hiking and camping, practicing yoga, and traveling—she even had the opportunity to travel to Guatemala, where she helped set up traveling veterinary clinics and assisted with spay-and-neuter surgeries and vaccinations! She has two pets of her own at home: Ginger, who likes sneaking morsels off the countertop whenever the opportunity arises; and a Yorkie named Maggie who considers herself the head of the household.

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Student Assistant

Sydney has always felt a deep connection with the earth’s creatures, and tending to the needs of her childhood pets made a permanent impression. All her life, she’s wanted to better the lives of all the animals that she possibly could—Sydney’s dream hasn’t wavered. Now, she gets to help pets daily as a member of the Animal Care Clinic team while studying animal science in college!

A Lexington native, Sydney was still in high school when she started shadowing and interning at various veterinary clinics in the area. She continued to shadow while starting her studies in biology and animal sciences at the University of Kentucky. When the time came to further her hands-on experience in the world of veterinary medicine, Sydney was happy to accept a position here at Animal Care Clinic in February of 2018. Medically, she’s fond of surgery work and dermatology cases. Most of all, Sydney loves getting to see pet owners’ reactions when they’re reunited with their beloved companions!

Aside from her interests in veterinary medicine, Sydney is an avid dancer and is a member of the University of Kentucky’s dance team. She even serves as a dance teacher at the Diana Evans School of Dance, and is an Assistant Coach with the Lafayette Dance Team! Sydney is also a community service board member with the Kappa Delta sorority, and she’s a member of her university’s pre-vet club.

At home, Sydney and her family share their lives with three wonderful pets: Baloo, a lazy Ragdoll cat; a cat named Mowgli who loves to play fetch with hair ties; and a silly German Shepherd named Ella.

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