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Dr. Butch Schroyer
Owner, Veterinarian
Growing up, Butch Schroyer was often found in the creek, lake, woods, or fields around his family home. If a creature didn’t run, crawl, slither, fly, swim, or scurry fast enough it would come home with him! By the time he was a junior in high school, Butch knew he wanted to become a veterinarian.

Dr. Schroyer completed his undergraduate work at the University of Kentucky before getting his DVM from the Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine. After working at several practices in Kentucky, Dr. Schroyer and his wife opened their first animal hospital in 1981. In 1983, he opened another hospital in Lexington, which would eventually become the Animal Care Clinic!

As a veterinarian, Butch particularly enjoys reproductive medicine and preventative health care. He loves adding to a pet’s time and quality of life.

Dr. Schroyer lives with his wife, Charlsey. They have a son, Avery, who is married and about to graduate with his doctorate in Physical Therapy. They have a several pets as well: Gus, a Yorkie; Amarula, a South African Mastiff; Mazzi, a Doberman Pinscher; Emmet, a yellow tabby cat who lives indoors; Tweety, a blue and gold macaw; and JoJo, a yellow naped Amazon parrot.

Butch has recently gotten back into playing the saxophone and has begun playing in a local concert band. He also enjoys fishing and biking in his spare time.
Dr. Anna Jenkins
Associate Veterinarian
Dr. Anna Jenkins grew up in suburban Alabama, but her passion for animal care developed during the long hours she spent on her grandparents’ cattle farm in Tennessee; some of her earliest memories include bottle-feeding orphaned cows in the barn. As she grew older, Dr. Jenkins came to realize that a career in veterinary medicine is as much about helping people as it is about helping the earth’s creatures—she’s thrilled to serve the pet owners and animal companions of Lexington as an Associate Veterinarian!

Dr. Jenkins started her veterinary journey by working as a kennel technician and veterinary assistant in northern Alabama during the summers of her high-school and undergraduate careers. She then attended Auburn University’s College of Veterinary Medicine, serving as a part-time student worker in the school’s Small-Animal Emergency and Critical Care department while earning her degree. During the last two months of her schooling, she started working at a private practice in her hometown before moving to Lexington to join the Animal Care Clinic family in May of 2016.

Medically, Dr. Jenkins has a special passion for surgical work—no two surgeries are exactly alike, and it constantly keeps Dr. Jenkins on her toes! She also enjoys ophthalmology because of the intricate nature of veterinary eye care.

Outside of work, Dr. Jenkins likes staying active by running—she recently completed her first half-marathon—and playing Ultimate Frisbee, a sport she’s enjoyed since her days playing on Auburn University’s club team. Dr. Jenkins shares her home with two cats that she adopted during her time in veterinary school: Steve is a long-haired tuxedo cat who is so easy-going that he allows Dr. Jenkins to dress him up in Halloween costumes; Henry is the sneakier of the pair and loves to steal morsels from the countertop, sink, or even Dr. Jenkins’ plate!
Dr. Dacelle Peckler
Relief Veterinarian
Dr. Dacelle Peckler was raised in a very eco-aware household, and grew up with a great respect for nature and animals. She always knew that she wanted to help the earth’s creatures live healthier lives—working as a veterinary professional was the perfect way to do just that. Now, Dr. Peckler travels across the state providing veterinary services, and is proud to have worked with Dr. Schroyer here at Animal Care Clinic for more than eight fulfilling years!

Dr. Peckler grew up in Danville, Kentucky and earned two undergraduate degrees as well as her Master’s degree from the University of Kentucky. Next, she headed to Auburn University to earn her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine. After a few years spent focusing on equine medicine, Dr. Peckler decided to move back to Kentucky to be closer to family. She quickly found that there was a recurring need for locum or “substitute” veterinarians around the state, and that’s when she decided to become a full-time relief veterinarian! Dr. Peckler first started working alongside Dr. Schroyer in 2010, and has been helping the pets and animal owners of Lexington ever since.

When she isn’t using her skillset to improve the lives of animals, Dr. Peckler enjoys hiking, biking, fishing, horseback riding, and kayaking in the great outdoors, fostering wildlife, crafting—she’s an active member of the Kentucky Arts and Crafts Guild, and even runs her own recycled wire-art business!—and spending time with her menagerie of animal companions at home. Dr. Peckler has six dogs, a pair of cats, six horses and a donkey, six goats, and too many farm animals to count!

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